Game Rules and Instructions

We provide clear and concise rules and instructions for our card game, ensuring that everyone can quickly learn and start playing. The deck consists of 112 cards numbered from -5 thru 10. This deck is for two to 6 players. You would need another deck for 7 or more players. The object of the game is to get the lowest score after 9 holes (or 9 hands of golf) lowest score WINS. Deal each player 9 cards face down. No one is to look at their cards. Now arrange your cards like Figure 1 (one note here the turned-up cards are for example only so you can turn up any two cards that you like). Put the rest of the deck in the middle of the table and turn up the top card. Now once each player has arranged their cards (figure 1) and turned over any two cards then you can start the game. The first card that is turned up in the discard pile is for the player to the left of the dealer. Now you can take this card and trade it with one of the cards in your hand. Example let's say the card turned up is a 5, you can use this card to replace any of the cards in your hand. Let's say you have a 7 showing then you can discard the 7 and put the 5 in its place. Remember lowest score wins.

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But this is where it gets interesting. You may also replace any one of the cards that are face down, with that card. BUT once you decide to do this you have to discard the card that was face down, no matter what it is. So if you turn up a -5 or any other card it has to go to the discard pile. SO choooose wisely my Son. Or you may draw from the pile. Again you may trade it for any of the cards in your hand. Or you can discard it, but then you have to turn up a card that is face down. Now it’s the next players turn to decide to draw or they can use the card you just discarded. And so on around the table. Now another twist to the game is if you have three cards in a row up and down ONLY (figure 2) you can Sweep those cards away and put them in the middle or bottom of the discard pile. (figure 3) Shows what your hand would look like after you Sweep your row.

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But also notice you have three different tens. You can only sweep the same style tens. Not one golf-ball ten with two driver tens (figure 4). To end each hole someone must turn up all of their cards. But each player after them has one last turn. Then when it gets back to the player who turned up their last card everyone counts their cards at face value (Figure 5). Then record your scores on the score sheet and play the next hole and after 9 holes the player with the lowest score WINS!!! Keys to the Game: When turning up the first two cards turn them up in the same column. (You may a start for a sweep) Try not to go out unless you have less than 20 points showing in your hand. If you have only one card left face down, you can trade the card that you drew with a card that is face up to keep from going out if you have too many points showing. The last two pages shows a possible table of four players hands.